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Country Location: Italy is situated in southern Europe, bordering France, Switzerland and Austria.

Typical Available Information:
Contents of a Profile Report (where available)

Identity, Legal Status & Historical Status,
Date Established,
Companies Registered Number,
Correct Full Name,
Full Address,
Ownership or Management,
Authorised/Issued/Paid Up Share Capital,
Shareholders and Shareholdings,
Activities & Operations,
Type of Business,
Business Category,

Typical Copy Corporate Registry Documents.

Official Extracts or a copy of the official filed documents can be obtained, these can also be certified if required.

Principal Business Types

Societa per Azioni (SpA)
Corporation/Joint Stock Companies. Must have a minimum capital of 200m lire. As shares are easily traded SpA is the business type preferred by large enterprises with high capital requirements.

Societa a Responsibilita Limitata (Srl)
Private limited liability company. With a minimum capital of 20m lire.

Societa in Accomandita per Azioni (saa)
Limited partnership. One or more general partners who have unlimited liability for debts and one or more limited partners whose liability is limited to their share of capital.

Societa in Nome Collettivo (snc)
Unlimited Partnership. The partners have unlimited liability for debts. There is no minimum limit for the capital but it cannot be made up of shares.

Societa in Accomandita Semplice (sas)
Limited Partnership. Similar to s.n.c. but there are two types of partners; those who have unlimited responsibility for debts and those who are responsible only for their share of the debts.

Impresa Individuale
Sole Proprietor. An individual can form a Sole Proprietorship as long as it is registered in the public register of companies.

Company Accounts Filing Requirements

All limited liability companies must lodge a copy of its articles of association and a list of its directors to the Register of Business Enterprises at the local court or 'tribunale'. The annual financial statements have to be filed as well by and these must include:-

detailed directors' report
balance sheet
profit and loss account
auditor's report for all SpA and SRL companies with a capital of over 100 million lire.
Consolidated accounts only have to be filed by quoted companies.

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in Italy please select one of the following options:


A summary report from available local sources confirming the company is in existence and listing basic company information such as status, incorporation date, company number, registered office, agents/officers, etc.

price: £95.00

Registry Extract

Company information from the official registry comprising a report confirming the corporate details filed for the subject company. To include an official extract from the registry where publicly available.

price: £145.00

Official Copies

A copy of the publicly available historical corporate documents for the subject company from the official registry which can be certified if so requested (where this is possible).

price: £245.00

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