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The Republic of Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. Strategically located along the major shipping and air routes of Asia, Singapore has excellent international trading links. It is a British Commonwealth country and gained independence from Great Britain in 1965, but still retains close links with the British Crown. The local currency is the Singapore dollar (SGD).

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in Singapore please select one of the following options:


A summary report from available local sources confirming the company is in existence and listing basic company information such as status, incorporation date, company number, registered office, agents/officers, etc.

price: £95.00

Registry Extract

Company information from the official registry comprising a report confirming the corporate details filed for the subject company. To include an official extract from the registry where publicly available.

price: £245.00

Official Copies

A copy of the publicly available historical corporate documents for the subject company from the official registry which can be certified if so requested (where this is possible).

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