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Egypt is in north-eastern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip.

Egypt corporate documents:
Copy of the official filed corporate certificates are available in Arabic with an accompanying English translation.

Principal Egypt Registered Business Types:
Sharika Mossahmeh
A joint stock company. Must have at least three shareholders and a minimum capital of LE 500,000 if shares are offered to the public and LE 250,000 if not. If shares are offered to the public they are freely transferable; if not, transfer may be restricted. Liability of shareholders is limited. A company involved in a joint venture may be subject to different conditions and, for example, need have only two shareholders.
Sharika That Massouliyah Mahdooddah
Limited Liability company. Must have at least two shareholders and not more than 50. The minimum capital is LE 50,000 made up of quotas. May not raise capital from the public. Transfer of shares is restricted. Liability of shareholders is limited.
Sharikat Tadamun
General partnership. An association of two or more partners who are jointly and separately liable for all the partnerships obligations without limit.
Sharikat Tawssiyah Bassita
Simple limited partnership. An association of two or more partners at least one of whom has unlimited liability while the others have liability limited to the extent of their capital contribution.
Sharikat Tawssiyah Belashom
Partnership limited by shares. A partnership in which one or more partners have unlimited liability and the others have liability limited to the capital contribution of their negotiable shares.
Branch of foreign company
Not a legal entity. Company takes responsibility for debts.
Sole proprietorship
The business of an individual where liability for all debts is unlimited.

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in Egypt please select one of the following options:


A summary report from available local sources confirming the company is in existence and listing basic company information such as status, incorporation date, company number, registered office, agents/officers, etc.

price: £125.00

Registry Extract

Company information from the official registry comprising a report confirming the corporate details filed for the subject company. To include an official extract from the registry where publicly available.

price: £495.00

Official Copies

A copy of the publicly available historical corporate documents for the subject company from the official registry which can be certified if so requested (where this is possible).

price: £495.00

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